Deconstruction Ahead

"Chess and My Dad." Unpublished. December, 1993.
"Being Offline." Unpublished. January, 1991.
"On the Limits of Worldwide Networking." Wired 1.6. pp.123-4. December, 1993.
...or "why network latency sucks". This is considered non-technical, which says a lot about the CS PhD program.
"The World Series of Poker." Unpublished. October, 2005.

I don't have the patience or wordsmithing skills to write reasonable poetry-- see for yourself.
Memories unpublished. 1984.
The 6:01 Commute unpublished. 1992.
Old Friends, New Friends. unpublished. 1990, 1993.
A Fish Out of Water unpublished. 1984.
Brooklyn Summer Late Night, Bay Shore Summer Afternoon. unpublished. 1986, 1993.
2:13 AM unpublished. 1992.
Here are some photos of mine...
cheyenne.jpg. 1994. The Cheyenne diner in New York. It's not as crisp after scanning.
rocks-on-water1.jpg. 1995. The illusion that there's no land for miles... shot off the coast of northern california...
cactus.jpg. 1996. A nifty shot of a cactus in Arizona.
jfk.jpg. (9k version). 1996. A plane taking off at JFK International Airport in New York. Shot out of another plane's window...
openhighway.jpg. 1994. The classic "open road" photo.
sunset.jpg. 1995. The classic California sunset photo. Taken in the Presidio, San Francisco.
milano.jpg. 1994. The Milano Cafe in Berkeley. The print is less grainy.
upperwestside-flags.jpg. 1994. I don't care for this, but everyone I show it to loves it... it was an unusual shot-- I took it in the "blizzard of '96" in New York, on the upper west side around 119th street, during a halestorm. The winds were so strong that the flags outside this grocery store were pulled completely taut, making a horrendous sound. Also on the upper west side is this cool photo taken in Central Park, 1997.
Tokyo Street Performers. 1997. In the middle of the day, in the middle of downtown Tokyo, some performance artists took over a street and ran an act so weird, I can't describe it.
rob-snow1.jpg. (a few moments later) 1996. A few photos of my friend Rob Church, in Long Island's Blizzard of '96.
san-fresh.jpg. 1995. This photo makes San look about ten years younger than he is. The print has more contrast... sigh.
todd-rockstar.jpg. 1995. Todd Hodes, from when we were roommates. The photo was taken right after he got out of the shower (hence, the dripping hair). The effect was achieved by shooting through the reflection of a compact disc, the camera in one hand, the CD in the other. Anything for a cool shot!

Untitled 1985. 7" x 7.75" x 5.25". Opaque alabaster.
This is the first piece I created. It's only supposed to demonstrate basic proficiency; it's doesn't mean anything.
The Ascendancy of Art and Science 1986. 7.5" x 8.5" 4.75" Opaque alabaster. Which side is art and which science?
Xenophobia (front) Xenophobia (back) 1988. Translucent alabaster and Cherry.
The friction created when two cultures inhabit the same space.

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