Here's where you can find the latest downloadable releases from Dietrich's hit factory!  Plus valuable information about Dietrich's music! 

Special Cutting-Edge Lo-Fi MP3 Song Format!

Thanks to the limited disk space my Internet Service Provider doles out to me, the MP3's are in a special 70's-style lo-fi crappy-sound-quality format!  Best listening results can be achieved via the following helpful hints: 
  1. Click on the song title to download the song. 
  2. Find your old Radio Shack mono casssette recorder. Insert a used, beer-damaged cassette.  Put the recorder up to one of your computer speakers and press the RECORD and PLAY buttons simultaneously.
  3. Using WinAmp or RealPlayer or whatever, play the song on your computer. Press STOP on the cassette recorder once the song's done.
  4. Replace the batteries in your cassette recorder with some used batteries that are about to die, to ensure the varying-speed headache-inducing listening experience you used to enjoy as a teenager.

Audio Snobs

Some of you listeners may want a more high-fidelity version of one or more of these songs, so that you can hear more clearly how poorly produced these recordings are.  In that case, just email me and tell me which song(s) you want, and I'll see what I can do about emailing you a higher quality MP3!  Or, I can even arrange to get you a CD of my hits, and an opportunistic price!


THE NEW SOLO ALBUM—I, Who Have Nothing—IS OUT! Download the songs from it here!


Police Mayhem (Theme from "Dirty Lucy")
Written by Dietrich Neuman 
Dietrich: vocals, guitars, drums, trumpet, synths 

Son of a Bitch The Sailor 
Music and lyrics by Dietrich Neuman and Rob Webber 
Dietrich: vocals, guitar, synths 
Unidentified Mexico City organ grinder: hand organ 

Music by John Barry, lyrics by Don Black 
Dietrich: vocals, guitars, synths 

Paint Shaker, Part II 
Music by Dietrich Neuman, lyrics by Rob Webber 
Dietrich: all voices 

Surf Police (from "Dirty Lucy") 
Written by Dietrich Neuman 
Dietrich: guitars, drums, synths