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 Taken from a bus in Syria, 1996


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Photos and writings from my trips in Asia, Europe and North America


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A written account, with photographs, of my first trip abroad in late 1990. I flew to China, rode the Trans-Siberian Railroad across the then Soviet Union, toured Europe, and made it to Berlin for the German Reunification celebration.

This manuscript started as a scramble to write everything down before I forgot it. A short while into it, I started treating it as an attempt at a serious travelogue, to be published or whatever eventually. Now, twelve years later, I reread this account of an honest but embarrassingly naive 27-year-old, and wonder if I'll ever finish it, since the original writer's voice is long gone. Yet, the story has also become somewhat of a historical artifact, since the time it describes—approximately the midpoint of the short period in which Eastern European Communism collapsed—turned out to be a unique period in history, even more so than I suspected at the time.

I've got Chapters 1 and 2 on-line now, complete with illustrations scanned in from my slides. In the next few weeks (or months) I will be putting chapters 3-4 up. Then, as soon as a finish the final two chapters, they'll be up on this site as well.


Photos, Part 1

Photos, Part 2


The big 5-month adventure—the Australian-style, quit-your-job, leave-your-apartment, open-ended trip I'd dreamed of embarking on ever since I met Aussies my age doing just that on the first trip (actually, even since I'd read about hippie backpackers as a teenager)—finally came true in the fall of 1994, when I built a trip around a trek in Nepal.

These pages contain the best of the enormous amount of pictures I took on that trip. Although on this trip I didn't dutifully write down all of the confusing sequence of events, I've accompanied the photos with as much verbal context as I can recreate in my head. Watch this space—more photos from this and other trips will appear soon on this site!


Southeast Alaska Cruise, September 2003