Richard Threadgill
San Francisco, Ca

Summary: Technical Project Manager and Operations Engineer with broad experience in Deployment, Networking, and Security of high volume online services. Experienced leading teams from product inception to delivery, working with customer technical and management teams, and working with executives to plan and achieve business and technical objectives.

Key Experiences
  • Designed and deployed production service networks for high-volume business and consumer services for Fortune 500 customers
  • Cofounder of Ponte Communications, a network security and automation software company
  • Managed the delivery of three first product releases over a two year period at McAfee Associates
  • Lead the development of the first integrated Linux security appliance

Professional History
Network Operations Consultant
April '10 — December '10
Wells Fargo, Think/Passenger, InnoPath, Veriphyr
Network Operations and Service Deployment Consultant, designing and building high volume service networks
  • Deployed load balancing infrastructure for new geographic diversity site for production retail bank network
  • Evaluated and documented HA load–balancing environment serving production retail bank network
  • Developed automated configuration tools for F5 BigIP load-balancers
  • Deployed VPN environments for, migrating from in–house data center to fully hosted solution
  • Built HA load–balancer environment for
  • Developed Operations and Service Delivery Plan for online security service provider Veriphyr, Inc

Tellme Networks (Microsoft)
Operations Engineer

September '03 — May '09
Tellme Networks provides automated voice services to major enterprises and telecommunications carriers, delivered using redundant, highly available data centers, connected to the Internet and the public switched telephone network, and serves over 2 billion callers per year. Tellme was acquired in 2007, and remains a subsidiary of Microsoft.
  • Defined and delivered first deployment of private customer WAN
  • Devined and directed first customer deployment of Managed VPN service offering
  • Led the deployment of the hosting environment for a commerce facility supporting 280 million transactions / year with a single day peak of more than 20 million transactions
  • Architected and led deployment of VoIP network interconnect to support 2 million calls per day using multipoint 600 Mbps WAN
  • Supported five nines production network serving 2 billion calls / year
  • Led technology refresh evaluation and deployment of web caching and load–balancing devices
  • Redesigned customer network connection process to reduce cost and time required to provision new customers
  • Worked with customer networking teams to provision VPN connections
  • Worked with vendors to troubleshoot and resolve hardware performance and protocol implementation issues
  • Resolved network performance, latency, and reliability issues
  • Deployed T1, 56k, DS3, and OC–12 WANs using direct circuits, frame relay, and MPLS–based interconnections

Ponte Communications
August '98 —
March '03
Ponte developed Network Control Center, automated configuration management software for networking equipment. NCC supports wide area networks with thousands of devices under management, and is deployed by major telecommunications providers and financial services companies
  • Identified and closed first two customers, raised angel and venture investments
  • Defined product requirements through first three commercial releases
  • Identified and documented requirements for Ponte software
  • Senior Sales Engineer for key customer accounts
  • Developed product demonstrations and customer presentations
  • Worked with Engineering to drive key product features to delivery
  • Worked with CTO and Marketing to create technical collateral
  • Evangelized secure application development strategies
  • Company representative to IETF (IPSec Policy working group)
  • Analyzed market and competition
  • Interviewed and evaluated technical and business candidates
  • Developed and delivered investor presentations
  • Designed and installed networking test lab to demonstrate automated reconfiguration of networking devices. Developed automation harnesses to demonstrate application scalability and performance

McAfee Associates
Development Manager
September '96 — March '98
McAfee is the leading provider of antivirus software in the world.
  • Delivered first releases of WebShield and WebShield SMTP, applications performing transparent virus–scanning and filtering of network traffic for HTTP, FTP, and SMTP protocol families
  • Delivered first release of WebWall firewall, world's first firewall with integrated virus scanning
  • Shipped world's first Linux–based commercial software
  • Designed world?s first transparent application–level gateway for virus–scanning
  • Delivered first product six months after project inception
  • Ran beta test program for WebShield application
  • Researched, evaluated, and selected software incorporated in WebShield product line
  • Recruited and managed software engineering teams from product inception through delivery

Networking and Security Consultant
September '95 — August '96
Internet Profiles, Inktomi, Network Computing Devices, Auspex, Altro Solutions, US Postal Service, Supertex, McAfee Associates
  • Built firewall and security infrastructures for high visibility, public–facing web sites, including the HotBot search engine and McAfee Associates
  • Deployed first international SSH–based VPN for intra–company communications
  • Prepared and delivered courses on network security practices

Apple Computer
System and Network Administrator

January '92 —
August '95
Apple Business Systems developed Apple server computers, A/UX and AIX on PowerPC hardware, and software that emulated the Macintosh on SunOS and HP–UX systems
  • Provided direct end–user support to 150 ASIC designers and Unix Kernel engineers
  • Supported encrypted WAN links to Apple business partners
  • Managed DNS domain and email systems
Supported hardware engineering teams developing the first generation of Apple's Power Macintosh computers
  • Responsible for direct user support of 100 hardware engineers
  • Designed and implemented heterogeneous CAD environment across a hardware base of Sun, Solbourne, HP, RS/6000, and SGI workstations

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     Microsoft Operations Engineering Newsletter, April 2008
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  • "Easy Management", USENIX ;login, June 2001

Oregon State University, 1985 - 1986
Pursued accelerated B.S./B.A. program in Computer Science and Political Science. Achieved Senior standing and completed concentrations in Operating Systems, Languages, and Graphics.

Technical Skills
  • Networking Hardware: Cisco router and switch families, Juniper routers, Netscreen firewalls and VPN gateways, NetApp Filers, Netscaler and F5 BigIP load–balancers
  • Networking Software: Sendmail, Postfix, Legato Networker, Apache, bind, named
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, and BSD, MacOS, Windows
  • Programming: C, ksh/sh/csh (shell), TCL and Perl, including CGI and UNIX Systems Programming
  • Host and Network Security: Firewall and VPN design and implementation, Application and Network Analysis, Architecture, and Implementation.

Earlier history and references available upon request