Nina Threadgill proudly presents the never-before-seen-stage-performance of Peter Pan: The Never-Ending Wedding! Jonwa, ex-roommate of the bride and beloved friend, helps Peter with his costume.
A shot of the adjacent table, featuring April, Kathy, Rita, Stevie, Charissa, and Curtis. Jonwa, rehearsing a critical scene with Peter.
Valerie, demonstrating her genetic heritage, Sabrina, Randy, Rachel and Mark. This camera got up and moved worked the room. Another shot of Valerie and Sabrina, with our head table in the background. That's Sam and Ana on the end, there.
The bride and groom, just before the food-fight commenced. The bride and the maid of honor.
Jonwa sports a trendy new fake-wedding-eyebrow-ring! Charles Merriam in profile, photo presumably by his witty wife, Judith Szepesi.
Jonwa and his babe, Sona. Jeez, you guys! Get a room!
Julie, fending off the camera with the bouquets. No one was harmed in the making of this photograph. From left to right, the back of Sona's head, then Charles, Judith, Richard and Nina.
Um, I *think* this is Nina's ear. I don't really want to know. You guys are weird.