The bride poses with her boss's family, while Adrian contemplates his fingernails. Charles risks his life.
The father of the groom and the mother of the best man have a little conference. The tiki tower, fashioned out of place cards. Clearly, I should have put toys on the tables. Oh wait, I guess I did.
One more shot of that beautiful tower! John Windberg, architect, stage director, costume designer, computer genius, fashion god, and quite an excellent human being, all around. Also shown, Mrs. Nina Threadgill on the right, and Adam Johnson's back on the left.
Soo thanks everyone for coming. Soo expresses amazement in managing not to spill any of her lunch on her dress!
Soo and Sean commence cake cutting. Soo feeds Sean.
Charissa and Curtis (a lovely pair), and April, smile for the other end of the table. The tables turn (or at least the camera does), and we get a terrific shot of Kathy, Rita, and Stevie, the babes of bowling.
Soo smiles for the camera on her wedding day. Sean just realizes what he's done.