Maria Hayes, the bride, and Laura Cox pose for simultaneous pictures by Laura's three daughters. The aforementioned daughters, the only name of whose I can remember is Randy. Sorry girls! Hope you had fun!
The groom, his bride, and her boss, Abbas Abootorabi. Abbas pays the bride a generous compliment, and tells her to take Monday off!
Somebody says something, um, really, really funny. Look! It's the bride, looking away!
You look mahvelous, dahlink! Maria thinks of a number between 1 and 500,000. Laura waits patiently.
Maria smiles. Laura naps. Maria tries to sneak out the back for a little time with a cute bus boy!
Laura gives the camera a side long glance. Is that thing out of film, YET?. The wonderful Abootorabi family, whose names I will not try to spell, lest I make a total fool of myself.
Laura's girls, the sweet things. Pay no attention to the drooling old geezers a few tables away, okay?