Our favorite people, Janet & Bill Glaholt, plus the two loving fingers of Janet's son, Matt Schwall. Bill officiated our wedding, and missed attending game 7 of the NBA Western conference playoffs to do it, which the Kings subsequently lost. Boo hiss! Gregg Stiesberg and Terri Lisman, quite possibly the next of our friends to tie the knot. (No pressure, Gregg! Take your time!) Gregg has the distinction of having introduced the bride and groom, a mere 12 years previously.
Mike and Eileen Glaholt, the amazing parents of Bill Glaholt, who have known the bride since she was 15. Nice Adam's apple, Gregg. Terri makes eyes at the camera.
Matt, being his great self. Bill, going for that official, conservative, stick-up-butt look, with Dylan Carlson on the right.
Janet enjoys the champagne, along with half of Matt, and half of Bill. Dylan, a.k.a. Dylan Russell "Patrick-isn't-even-my-middle-name" Carlson. He was Sean's roommate years back, and is still a very good friend.
Mike gets a face full of flash. Jim is a little tea pot.
A very nice picture of some very nice people. Okay, who dropped acid in the camera???