Alexandra Stack, close personal friend of the bride and groom, and the amateur photographer responsible for 90% of the pictures on this page. Alex takes a picture of her friends, Soo and Sean, and Soo's friend Julie.
Alex's Dad, Patrick, who has known the bride for 12 years, almost as long as the bride has known the groom. A picture of Barbara Neira (a.k.a. Mama-san), the mother of the best man, Sam Neira. Barbara discovered through the course of the luncheon that Kim Stack, Alex's mom, went to the same school as Sam, and the groom.
Kathy Lorenz, the very nice second cousin of the groom, who took the day off to chauffeur our great aunt Pat to the wedding. Thank you, Kathy! Sean's great aunt Pat.
Kim Stack, wife of Patrick, mother of Alex, and possibly the most amazing woman in the world. Alex takes in interested pose for Daddy.
Soo grins at Alex, and subsequently the camera. Aunt Pat gives a glance to the photographer.
Kathy among the flora. The Alex-eye-view of the cake.
Barbara Neira, who drove from Sacramento, despite her busy schedule to be at our wedding and cheer us on. Thanks, Barbara! Kim, Alex, and Patrick. Silly people, the lot.
A picture of the head table, with a clear shot of the bride.