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Frequently Asked Questions
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Should I be taking notes?

Absolutely, unless you have a phenomenal memory. I base a lot of every exam on lecture material. If you answer your question using nothing but information from the book, you will not receive full credit for your answer.


Is this going to be on the test?

Maybe, maybe not. You might want to write it down just in case.


What is a blue book and where can I buy one?

A blue book is a small, stapled-together booklet with a blue cover (who would think?). You can purchase a blue book at the bookstore or the convenience store in the Student Union.


If I forgot to bring a blue book, can I write my exam on loose-leaf notepaper?

No, you may not. I have four cats at home, and thus cannot guarantee that random sheets of paper will remain in my possession. Also, I like to preserve students' anonymity when I'm grading. If you're the only student who did not use a blue book, I can't do that.


So what do I do if I don't have a blue book?

Let me know, and I'll ask the class if anybody has one they will sell, loan, or give you.


Can I take my test on a laptop?

I prefer that you do not, although I will make exceptions for special cases.


I studied the wrong questions on the study guide! What do I do now?

I give you a study guide so that you will have the opportunity to prepare for the test. If you do not take advantage of this opportunity, your grade will suffer. If you've failed to study for the questions that appear on the exam, you may answer the questions you did study; but I will take a full grade off of each incorrect section.


How long is a paragraph?

A paragraph is anywhere from four to eight sentences long, depending on how much you have to say.


Is it okay if I miss class?

This is a frequently asked question that should never be asked. No, of course it is not okay if you miss class. Then again, this is college. You don't need my permission to be absent, but it's not a good idea to skip too many sessions.


Will I miss anything if I don't come to class?

Yes, you will. Not only will the information presented in class turn up on your exams, but I sometimes change due dates, remove questions from the study guide, and do other things designed to make your life easier. If you're not in class, you won't hear these important announcements.


Will you loan out your notes?

No, I will not. If you miss a class, I will be happy to ask your classmates to share their notes.


What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the using of other people's words or ideas without proper attribution. For a though explanation of plagiarism, please refer to http://www.indiana.edu/~wts/wts/plagiarism.html. This site has an excellent explanation of plagiarism and also proper and improper paraphrasing.